DC's Grifter Is In More Trouble Than Ever In Future State

In DC's Future State, vigilante Grifter returns to a dystopian Gotham City and finds that everyone from cops to criminals has it out for him.

DC's Grifter Is In More Trouble Than Ever In Future State


Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future State: Dark Detective #1

Future State has just released its latest installment with Future State: Dark Detective #1 featuring Grifter, who returns to Gotham City only to be bombarded by death threats and a warrant for his arrest from a dystopian military government known as the Magistrate. The backup story in this issue featuring Grifter was written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by Carmine Di Giandomenico. It is so jam-packed full of action that Grifter, also known as Cole Cash, finds himself in a ton of trouble and desperate to make it out of Gotham alive.

Fans might recognize Grifter as the bodyguard and protector of Lucius Fox, but Cash has been lurking on the streets as Grifter for quite some time. He first appeared in the 1990s in WildC.A.T.s where he thrived in a league of hardened superheroes. Cash's backstory is a familiar one where his family was torn apart from violence and tragedy. But his true story begins when he accidentally took some experimental chemicals that gave him the powers of telepathy and telekinesis. From there it was onward and upward and he quickly carved a place for himself in the black-ops military squad Team 7.  A sarcastic hot-head with a natural ability for combat fighting, Cash is a guy who makes enemies often and easily.

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Those enemies certainly come back to haunt Cash in DC's Future State: Dark Detective. After initially hiding out under the pseudonym Hayes, Grifter finds that everyone has it out for him once his true identity is exposed. As Gotham and its new fascist Magistrate regime tightens its grip on the city by arresting anyone who wears a mask, Cash must find a way to escape their soldiers who are hunting him down. But in his efforts to escape Gotham's government soldiers, Cash bumps into the Black Mask Syndicate, who also have it in for him.

Luckily, in all of this turmoil Cash finds a much-needed ally: Luke Fox. Also known as Batwing, Luke has also been taken captive by the Magistrate and, after a harrowing escape, suggests they team up. Even though they don't much trust or like each other, Cash and Fox have to work together to find a way to escape Gotham before the city closes in on them.

By the end of the issue Cash certainly has his back up against a wall and doesn't have many options left. It seems like the best way to get out of all of this mess is is to escape the city with Batwing with the help of Huntress, who does not seem to be a big fan of Cash, either. Whatever happens, Grifter will probably have to think of a plan fast or else both he and Batwing will be history. Future State: Dark Detective #1 is on sale now.

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