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Ranch fire Azusa map: How many acres have been burnt in Mountain Cove?

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THERE are currently three central fires ablaze in Azusa, California that have burned through thousands of acres of land.

The Ranch Fire is currently one of the most critical infernos burning in the state.

Flames are tearing through Azusa, California


Flames are tearing through Azusa, CaliforniaCredit: AFP or licensors

Other fires include the Lake Fire and Skyline Fire.

Where is the Ranch Fire happening?

The Ranch Fire, as well as the Lake and Skyline fire, are happening in the San Gabriel mountains of Azusa, California.

Mandatory evacuation orders were issued for areas including Mountain Cove and west of Turning Leaf and Boulder Ridge, according to the Azusa Police Department.

Homes were threatened by the Ranch Fire inferno


Homes were threatened by the Ranch Fire infernoCredit: AFP or licensors

The Ranch Fire started as firefighters were already battling the 11,000-acre Lake Fire in the Angeles National Forest.

How many acres have been burned?

The Angeles National Forest tweeted that the Ranch Fire has burnt through more than 2,500 acres of land.

What to know about the Ranch Fire

Three major fires are blazing through the San Gabriel mountains of Azusa, California

The Ranch Fire is a brush fire. Evacuation orders in the area have been lifted as the blaze moves away from residential areas. The blaze is burning at 0 percent containment. It has destroyed 2,500 acres of land.

It continues to take over with officials noting that there is currently 0 percent containment of the blaze.

Firefighters are struggling to contain the blaze


Firefighters are struggling to contain the blazeCredit: AP:Associated Press

As of Friday morning, fire activity is expected to increase due to hot and dry weather conditions, with temperatures reaching between 105-108F.

Thankfully, the blaze is moving away from neighborhoods, according to KTLA.

Have people evacuated? 

More than 300 homes were evacuated as a result of the Ranch Fire.

Evacuation centers were set up at high schools for those that had to follow mandatory evacuation procedures.

Authorities were alerted to the brush fire at 2.45pm on August 13


Authorities were alerted to the brush fire at 2.45pm on August 13Credit: AP:Associated Press

The order was lifted Thursday night and Mountain Cove residents are now able to return to their homes, officials said.

The fire will continue to be monitored by emergency vehicles.

"Firefighters did a really good job securing the perimeter of the fire closer to homes,'' Daniela Zepeda of the US Forest Service told ABC7.

Is anyone injured?

Thankfully, there are no reports of injuries.



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As the Ranch Fire continues to burn hillside, there is currently no imminent threat to the Mountain Cove community.

The US Forest Service and Los Angeles County Fire Department are working together to fight the fire.

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